'A Little Bit of Holland in Saskatchewan'

Single Stream Recycling

August 7th 2012


Effective May 3rd, 2012 residents of Edam, Vawn and the R.M. of Turtle River will have increased recycling options.  What this means is that all recycable materials (cardboard, paper, tin cans, milk and juice cartons, plastic containers and bottles, plastic grocery bags, etc.) can be placed in the same bin without being sorted.  At this time, GLASS is not accepted for recycling.  Stickers will be posted on the front of the bins to remind you of what can be recycled.

We encourage all residents to take advantage of this service as our contract fees for garbage disposal increased by 50% on January 1st, 2012. With increased recycling options, we hope to reduce the amount of garbage being generated by approximately 20% which would ultimately reduce our garbage disposal fees that you as a taxpayer pay for through taxation.

We would like to thank our residents for supporting our recycling program.  At the same time we ask that only those items accepted for recycling be put in the bins.  If garbage or non-recycable items are being disposed of, we could lose the privilege of having this service.



Village residents are reminded that garbage set our for pick-up should only contain household waste.  Yard waste and lawn clippings are not acceptable as they can be disposed of at the landfill site for no charge.  Bagging and tagging these items for pick-up increases our volume of garbage, thereby increasing our costs for garbage disposal.



Download PDF (news_96_Recycling 2.pdf)