'A Little Bit of Holland in Saskatchewan'

Village Newsletter September 2015

September 25th 2015



Community Pride:  Council would like to thank everyone that cleaned up their property to make our village an appealing place to live and visit.  Edam has always been known for being an attractive community and as we continue to grow and move forward, we hope everyone will continue to take “pride” in our “community”.  If you still have items that need to be discarded, you can take advantage of the following resources for proper disposal.


-  Sarcan:  Electronics and paint cans that are fully sealed (unless empty), labeled, and not significantly damaged.  Please see their website at www.sarcan.ca for a more detailed listing.

-  PWN STEEL in Lloydminster accepts microwaves

-  Iron Man Scrap Metal (Albert Lascelle):  Junked vehicles and metal

-  Sask Power:  Old fridges and freezers.  Call 1-877-757-3292 to book an appointment for pick-up

-  Edam - Turtle River Transfer Station (Landfill): Furniture (chairs, beds, sofas, etc.); Appliances (stoves, hot water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers); and refrigeration appliances (the door must be removed). 


RVs and Boats:  Please have all RVs and boats off the Village streets by October 15th.  The Museum has a site where you can store your RV or boat over the winter for a minimal fee.  For more information please contact Cameron Day at 397-2274.

Multi-Stream Recycling:  Recycle bins are located at: 1) the Emergency Dispatch Centre on East Railway Avenue; 2) behind the General Store; 3) at the Esso; 4) Arnold’s Sand & Gravel; 5) Garry’s Construction; 6) at the Transfer Station (Landfill) in the R.M. and 7) at Vawn.  All recyclable material (cardboard, paper, tin cans, milk and juice cartons, plastic containers and bottles, plastic grocery bags, etc.) can be placed in the same bin without being sorted.    Please rinse all containers and flatten cardboard boxes prior to disposal.   Glass is not accepted for recycling.

New Residential Subdivision:  Council is moving forward on the development of 28 new residential lots at the north end of the Village limits and is now pre-selling lots in this subdivision for $60,000.   These lots range in size from 36m X 40m to 38.9m X 40m and a 25% deposit will give you the opportunity to have first choice of your preferred lot.  More information is available by contacting the Village Office at 306-397-2223.

Chip Sealing Project:  Some street improvements were undertaken earlier this month to   preserve and extend the useful life of our existing roadways.   The total cost, which included the road work in preparation for the chip sealing, came to $47,377.00.  The areas that were chip sealed were a) that section of 1st Street South that was torn up for sewer repairs, b) in front of the Community Centre and south to the intersection of 2nd Street South; c) Main Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue; d) the edges of Main Street between Railway Avenue and 1st Avenue; and e) a section of roadway on Railway Avenue by the private crossing. 

Open Air Fire Receptacle Bylaw:  Council recently passed a bylaw setting minimum standards for the control of fire pits, chemineas, and other open-air receptacles in the village.  A copy of this bylaw is available for viewing on this website.